White Label
Copywriting Services

 LabsMedia offers premium white-label copywriting services, where our expert Native English copywriters deliver fast, high-quality, and tailored content. We provide seamless integration for agencies, ensuring high standards and timely delivery without revealing our partnership. This approach allows you to meet and exceed client expectations, offering top-notch content solutions without the need for an in-house copywriter. Experience the LabsMedia difference in enhancing your agency's content strategy, and see tangible results with our dedicated support.

White Label Copywriting Services

Our Stellar White Label Copywriting Results Speak Volumes

We prove our white-label copywriting expertise with real, measurable results for our agency partners. Check out the impactful outcomes:

167% Increase in average monthly lead conversions


Increase in average monthly leads generated.

114% Increase in average engagement time spent on the websites.


Increase in average engagement time spent on the websites.

38% Uptick in average conversion rates across clients.


Uptick in average conversion rates across clients.

5x Average increase in organic traffic.


Average increase in organic traffic.

Level-Up Your Offerings With Our
White-Labeled Copywriting

Elevate your agency's services with white label content marketing solutions. Our expert team delivers tailored content strategies to boost client satisfaction and ROI.

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

We can craft compelling website content that effectively communicates your brand story, offerings, and value proposition. Our copy will engage visitors and convert them into customers.

Marketing Copywriting

Marketing Copywriting

We specialize in writing results-driven marketing copy for campaigns across all channels. Whether it's email campaigns, social media posts, online ads, or direct mail, we will create copy that boosts engagement and conversions.

Video Script Writing

Video Script Writing

Let us handle the writing for your next marketing, explainer, or training video. We'll conduct research and interviews to develop an engaging script aligned with your brand voice and target audience.

eCommerce Copywriting

eCommerce Copywriting

We write product descriptions, category pages, and other e-commerce copy designed to inform customers and drive sales. Our optimized copy guides visitors toward conversion at every stage.

Print Copy

Print Copy

From brochures to posters, catalogs to door hangers, we craft compelling print copy tailored to your goals and audience. Our words will capture attention and motivate response.

Email Content

Email Content

We create subscriber-centered email content that educates, entertains, and promotes action. Our messaging aligns with your brand voice while providing value and incentives to subscribers.

LabsMedia as Your White Label Copywriting Partner

LabsMedia as Your White Label Copywriting Partner

Unlike generic copywriters offering pretty words, our team specializes in performance marketing narratives designed to produce real business outcomes. We start every project by closely aligning clients’ objectives and then applying proven methodologies to create copy that sells.

Our specialized approach helps agencies deliver powerful results to their clients such as:

  • Laser-Focused Copywriting Expertise: With over 50 talented copywriters on staff, we have a depth of talent to handle complex B2B narratives, empathetic branding stories, and high-converting ecommerce product pages.
  • Senior Editors Ensure Quality: Our senior editors review all copies against editorial guidelines to maintain high-quality standards.
  • Consistent Brand Voice: With centralized style guides and editing oversight, we ensure messaging stays on-brand across every client touchpoint for a cohesive experience.
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Our White Label Copywriting Packages

We offer customizable packages with dedicated copywriters to meet your agency goals and budget.

Copy Accelerator

Copy Accelerator

Landing pages, blogs, social media, email marketing, brochures, and editing/proofing.

Copy Infinity

Copy Infinity

Direct mail, digital ads, web copy, sales letters, case studies, and optimization.

Content Mill

Content Mill

50+ blog posts, 10 social media campaigns, 5 ebooks/year, content strategy, and graphical assets.

Full-funnel Narrative

Full-funnel Narrative

Messaging workshops, tone of voice guide, customer journey mapping, and persona narratives.

Client Success Stories Showcase Our
Copywriting Excellence

Though we are proud of our copywriting expertise, the best measure of our work is the praise from the digital agencies we partner with.

After integrating LabsMedia's white label copywriting services into our offerings, we experienced a remarkable 30% increase in conversion rates within just a few months. Their ability to craft compelling and strategically focused narratives has greatly enhanced our client reporting. The seamless integration of their services under our brand has not only improved our process and responsiveness but also consistently added significant value to our agency.
Sean Robinson
Founder & CEO, Marketing Agency
Sean Robinson

The Proven 5 Steps We Use to Create
Copy with Maximum Influence

Our strategic process delivers high-impact narratives that compel audiences. Each step is purposefully crafted to develop copy that ignites engagement.


Align with Agency Objectives

We kick off each copywriting project with a deep dive into the agency's key goals and intentions for the campaign. This alignment drives strategic messaging.


Analyze Buyer Personas

Understanding your audience is crucial for persuasive copywriting. We leverage data and research to uncover buyer pain points, needs, and motivators that we tap into.


Create Copy Frameworks

With goals and personas clarified, our expert creators brainstorm high-level copy frameworks that balance appeal and relevance. These guide the writing.


Craft Resonating Copy

We breathe life into frameworks through persuasive copy that connects with audiences and drives them to convert. The copy resonates and motivates action.


Continuously Refine through Feedback

Our work doesn't end at first drafts. We iterate based on feedback then test and optimize copy to maximize performance.

Common Queries Answered on Copywriting Services

How easy is it to get set up?


Getting set up only takes minutes with a quick video call to understand your agency's client profiles, offerings, and content needs. Next, we ask a few questions to grasp branding guidelines. Finally, we assign dedicated copy resources familiar to your verticals and agree on timelines, content volume, and key results metrics based on provided targets.

How do you ensure copy aligns with our client's expectations?


We make alignment a priority from the start, conducting stakeholder interviews to grasp specific campaign goals, and KPIs, and offer details and creative directions. Next, we create core briefs for client review before copy development begins. This connectivity enables tailored messaging.

What types of research do you invest in during content creation?


We leave no stone unturned in our research process - surveying customers, developing buyer personas through 1:1 interviews, exploring market trends, monitoring competitors, testing message resonance with target groups, and more. Our copy is informed by these insights.

How can we provide transparency to clients on your work?


However involved you would like your clients to be, we can accommodate - adding them to brief reviews, inviting to brainstorming sessions, including on draft reviews, tracking work in shared drives allowing real-time visibility and feedback opportunities. We enable transparency.

Want to Increase Traffic with Our White Labeled Copywriting Service?

Gain an entire team of elite copywriters without the overhead under your brand. Our experts become an extension of your agency, helping bolster offerings.